"Only through the contrast of good and evil, of life and death, do we learn to understand both."
-Fr. John of Kronstadt

Anastasia K. Bond
Portland, Oregon, USA


My thanks to these individuals and organizations for their assistance with my research:

Jan Bear

Douglas Cramer

Gary Crane of Marksmanship Consultants

Beaverton Chrysler

Jeanne Bjorklund

USAF Pararescue

...And a bunch of guys who have to remain nameless for security reasons. (Next drink is on me!)

I'd also like to thank the OWWB-Rockaway group for countless hours of critiques and support, and Oregon Writers' Colony for the wonderful writing retreat on the Oregon Coast. I would be 100% "slush" without you!

This is by no means a comprehensive list! Many others have assisted but have not shared website addresses. If you have assisted in my research and would like contact details shared here, please email me.