The Author:

What happens when a love of multinational literature collides with international intrigue, dark humor and just enough faith to make it all worthwhile?

Meet Anastasia K. Bond, former international "woman of mystery" and teller of formula-busting stories.

Anastasia K. Bond
Portland, Oregon, USA


Who among us does not take artistic license in describing ourselves? All autobiography is an exercise in shaping perceptions. Perhaps a "character worksheet" biography is my best hope for transparency.

Name: Anastasia K. Bond

Age: On friendly terms with 30

Education: Bachelor of Science in Cultural Analysis (International Studies)

Languages: English (native), French, Russian, Arabic

Profession: Writer, blogger, and everyone's go-to person in a crisis

Marital status: Married

Desires and goals: Beat the odds by publishing first novel, become successful author in multiple genres, exceed readers' expectations with every new project, complete Masters' Degree, thwart a terrorist attack, and see niece pilot the F-22 Raptor someday.

Backstory: Oregon native with East Coast education and significant time spent in England, Russia and the Middle East. Has acquired more than a few interesting secrets.

How does character avoid cliché and stereotype? She's a Myers-Briggs INFP whose outraged ideals have pushed her into the world of logic and judgments, but the emotions and concern for people still lurk under the surface.

Why will we root for character along her journey? She uses well researched details and complex characterization to create stories that challenge our assumptions yet provide hope.

One line of dialogue for character, in answer to this question: Who the hell do you think you are?
"Someone who's paid in blood and nightmares for my right to be heard."

(This is an abbreviated version of my character development process; I can't be an International Woman of Mystery if I reveal everything...)