The Author:

What happens when a love of multinational literature collides with international intrigue, dark humor and just enough faith to make it all worthwhile?

Meet Anastasia K. Bond, former international "woman of mystery" and teller of formula-busting stories.

Anastasia K. Bond
Portland, Oregon, USA


GO'EL: LETHAL GUARDIANS (Completed Manuscript)

The greatest danger to the people Kendra loves isn't from the corrupt businessmen, the terrorists, or the police chief's all-too-observant son. The greatest danger lurks within her own conscience...


CHARLIE MIKE (Completed Short Story)

One friend can make all the difference in surviving a war...

ANGEL GAMES (Manuscript in Editing)

Sometimes a dirty, battle-scarred man with an MP5 is the most beautiful sight in the world. Especially if you're the person who risks her life to keep him alive...

Regional Security Officer Natasha Stuart and Special Agent Ian Connolly always protected each other and the U.S. Embassy in Tashkent simultaneously. But when an insider's sabotage throws Natasha into the hands of a local terror cell, Ian must commandeer the crippled security force for two conflicting missions: Find Natasha. And ensure that terrorists don't blow up her embassy before she gets back.

PARACIVILIAN (Manuscript in Progress)

Once, he jumped from airplanes. Now, he just wanted to jump her bones. Too bad the terrorists are watching...

After years in an elite military unit, Chase Evans didn't intend to allow anything to distract him from becoming God's gift to humanity via med school. But when freelance operative Catrina MacBeth lands in his life, Chase''s future patients take a backseat to a challenge bigger than any disease. Terrorists have Catrina in their sights. And Chase might have to rescuscitate his military career in order to stop them from destroying the woman he shouldn't love.


SNAPSHOT (In Development)

One shot, one kill. The faces Anthony Grey saw through his sniper’s scope haunt his memory in retirement. All he can do is record their last moments of life in a journal that no one will ever see...

…until one shows up alive.